Blueberry Grading

We take pride in our Blueberry grading services, ensuring that only the highest quality fruits are selected for packaging and distribution.

Our grading services involve a rigorous process of sorting and selecting fruits based on their size, color, ripeness, and other quality parameters. We use advanced grading equipment and technology, enabling us to provide fast and accurate grading services that meet the needs of our customers.

572 berries per second

Our optical sorter works at speeds of 572 berries per second

Precision Selection

Sorting for color, softness, bruising, decay, dehtdrations, stems etc

CURO filling system

High speed filling of punnets – target weight

TOMRA Kato 260

  • The TOMRA Kato 260 offers grading solutions for all types of blueberries, whether fresh or frozen.
  • With advanced technology, the system can grade for various factors including size, color, softness, bruising, decay, dehydration, stems, peeling, and scarring, ensuring high-quality grading results.
  • Artificial intelligence technology is also incorporated in the system for increased grading accuracy and superiority, covering calyx, stem hole, and advanced defect detection.
  • The TOMRA Kato 260 is a reliable and efficient option for businesses looking to improve their blueberry grading process.
  • Using the TOMRA Kato 260 can help businesses reduce labor costs and increase productivity, as the system provides fast and accurate grading results.

TOMRA CURO filling system

CURO is an innovative filling system that can pack punnets, cups, clamshells, or boxes with consistent and accurate weights across multiple commodities. It can be easily integrated with TOMRA’s sorting and grading solutions, and customers can use multiple CUROs in one turnkey line, packing different grades for different markets simultaneously. CURO is suitable for cherries, blueberries, and tomatoes.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile: CURO can be switched between packing options without tools and can fill any clamshell size from 125gm to 5kg. It’s available with 2, 8, 12, or 16 filling stations.
  • Gentle handling: CURO has anti-bruise surfaces and minimal transitions between hopper and conveyor to preserve the product surface and fruit bloom.
  • Fast filling: CURO is the fastest filling system on the market, with precision filling control and stop assist for rapid clamshell belt deceleration. It can pack up to 160 clamshells per minute.
  • Easy to operate: CURO’s wide touchscreen features simple controls that allow users to change clamshell type and target weight requirements with a touch of a button.